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Member Spotlight: July 2011

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True Southern StyleCruickshank Remodeling logo & associated images
by Angel Menchaca, BuilderLink Staff

Brad Cruickshank, founder and owner of Atlanta, Georgia's Cruickshank Remodeling, is not your typical southern gentleman. Sure, he's cherubically handsome with a debonair politesse that makes all the ladies swoon, but more than that, he's a community-minded entrepreneur that believes in taking good care of his employees, his neighbors, and even the local fish population.


Yep—that's right—fish. But more on that later…

For over 30 years, Brad and his Cruickshank Remodeling crew have worked all around Atlanta and the surrounding communities providing design/build services for custom remodels. Led by the company ideal of "Our style is your style", Brad and his team are known in the area for their thoughtful approach to homeowners' needs and their ability to create unique projects of varied architectural styles.

Brad himself is a "recovering architect", with a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University as well as an engineering degree from Brown University. Following the course he had set for himself, he went to work for an architecture and engineering firm for several years, and then changed gears and chased a high-tech dream in the micro-computer business. Despite his success in both of these endeavors, Brad longed to work full-time on residential design and construction projects—a passion that had ignited while renovating his own historic Inman Park home.

In 1980, pursuing this newly-found dream with a determination to succeed, he hired two carpenters and started calling family, friends, and neighbors to tell them he was now a remodeling contractor. Thus, Cruickshank Remodeling was born. 

Today, Cruickshank Remodeling projects have won virtually every major award for home remodeling in the United States. Brad attributes this noteworthy achievement to cultivating and retaining strong talent by providing a good working environment and livable wages, implementing management practices that contribute to successful projects, and continuing education for all his employees.

But all work and no play makes Brad a dull boy, so among his other community volunteer activities, Brad is a proud and happy member of the Upper Chattahoochee River chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU), an organization that works for conservation, protection and restoration of North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.  Most recently, Brad participated in a local Brown Trout population study, and helped coordinate TU's partnership with the National Park Service and the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper on the 1st Annual (they hope) 'Sweep the Hooch' project. This latter project was a particular success, with over 350 volunteers collecting approximately 3.55 tons of trash and recyclables!

As for the future, Brad plans to continue heading Cruickshank Remodeling for as long as possible. Like so many other remodelers around the country, the economy has affected the company's bottom line, but Brad is hopeful that it will soon change for the better.





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