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BuilderLink Radio (A Podcast)

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BuilderLink Radio logoMoving past raw data, building industry experts Jim Enright and Greg Stine explain and discuss what's happening in the market, and how it affects contractors, remodelers, retailers and manufacturers. This bi-weekly podcast will keep you thinking, but with Jim and Greg leading the discussions, there's bound to be some laughter as well.

Latest Episode (Podcast Extras & Comments):
Podcast #20 - The Age and Beauty of Reclaimed Lumber

Your Hosts:

Jim Enright
Jim began his career in the construction industry in 1979, selling Engineered Wood Products in Southern California. Jim EnrightHe is now a senior manager with extensive experience in Sales and Marketing of products in the residential and commercial construction and OEM manufacturing sectors through a variety of distribution channels (Lumberyard, Pro-Detailer, Wholesale Distribution and DYI channels).

Jim is currently employed by Murphy Company and works at the engineered wood products plant in Sutherlin, Oregon. Jim also serves on the BuilderLink Board of Directors. Also see Jim's BuilderLink profile.

Greg Stine
For the past 20+ years, Greg has been President of Polaris, Inc., a full-service marketing firm that specializes in the development and execution of comprehensive brand strategies. Jim EnrightAs Polaris's founder, Greg has lead the organization from inception in 1990 to its current position in the marketplace. With more than 20 years of experience in the various aspects of branding, marketing and business management, Greg is also a professional speaker, delivering seminars and workshops all around the country.

Greg is currently the President of BuilderLink and serves on the Board of Directors. Also see Greg's BuilderLink profile.

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Archive (Podcast Extras & Comments):                       

Podcast #20 (11/01/2012) - The Age and Beauty of Reclaimed Lumber - Free MP3 

Podcast #19 (8/18/2012) - Building (Very) Little Houses - Free MP3

Podcast #18 (6/25/2012) - Photography and the Building Industry - Free MP3

Podcast #17 (6/04/2012) - Ben, the Construction Counselor - Free MP3

Podcast #16 (5/09/2012) - Learning from a Lumberyard - Free MP3

Podcast #15 (4/25/2012) - Industry Insider--A Publisher's Perspective - Free MP3

Podcast #14 (3/19/2012) - What's Bugging You? - Free MP3

Podcast #13 (2/26/2012) - The Life of an Outgoing Architect - Free MP3

Podcast #12 (2/12/2012) - The Design/Build Remodeling Model - Free MP3

Podcast #11 (1/29/2012) - One Exit Strategy Option -- An ESOP - Free MP3

Podcast #10 (1/5/2012) - Japan, Wood Products & the Housing Industry - Free MP3

Podcast #9 (12/15/2011) - China, Logs and the Lumber Business - Free MP3

Podcast #8 (12/04/2011) - The All-American Home - Free MP3

Podcast #7 (11/17/2011) - Leveraging Technology...Tips for the Non-Expert - Free MP3

Podcast #6 (11/7/2011) - Lead Paint Pois. & Remed. – A Mother's Perspective - Free MP3

Podcast #5 (10/31/2011) - Passive House Design...Pushing the Envelope - Free MP3

Podcast #4 (9/21/2011) - Structural Engineering - Free MP3

Podcast #3 (9/9/2011) - Performance Contracting - Free MP3

Podcast #2 (9/1/2011) - Technology and the Construction Industry - Free MP3

Podcast #1 (8/1/2011) - The New Housing Market - Free MP3

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