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Remove from My Library "My Library" is your personal collection of reference materials. To learn more, see "My Library" in the help menu.

What are Pages?

Pages are full web pages within BuilderLink with content posted and written by a BuilderLink user. The Pages area offers several topics to make searching easier; BuilderLink Tips, Business Management, Business Opportunities, For Sale or Hire, Industry Event, Industry Group, Industry News, Opinions, Product Info, Projects, and Trade Info. Pages are different than Blogs, because with a posted Blog, the first few sentences of the Blog will appear along with an icon, as part of a long list of blogs, and with Pages, only the title of the Page and the authoring BuilderLink user's name will appear. The Pages area is also helpful for posting articles considered too lengthy to be a blog. Generally, the Blog area is an informal version of a page, with room for comments.

Pages can be tagged with any of the categories listed above. These categories are all listed in the drop-down menu on the toolbar, and clicking one will provide you with a list of all pages that have been tagged with that certain category.

Creating a New PageMy Pages screen capture

To create a new Page, open the Tools menu, then click on My Pages, and then Create a New Page. Along with the prompts, you may give your new Page a title, a body of text, and tag it for search purposes. For example, if you tag your Page with "For Sale or Hire," your page will be brought up with others tagged whenever any BuilderLink user clicks "For Sale or Hire" in the Pages area. You may also edit the access preferences for your Page.

Editing Text Box

Text editing capabilities are very similar, though limited, to MS Word capabilities. Formatting text, adding images, creating block quotes, lists, and adding tables are just a few of the options available. When the cursor is moved over a button on the editing toolbar, a labled popup should appear, which tells you how each button functions.

Access Preferences

  • Below the text editor, you will also notice a drop-down menu labeled "Access". This option controls who can or cannot view your page, and  can be set to your own preference. Access Preferences
    • Private - By setting a section to "Private," it will not be seen by anyone on the system. You will be the only user to view this feature.
    • Contacts - By setting a section to "Contacts," only you and those on your Contacts list will be able to view this feature.
    • Logged In Users - By setting a section to "Logged In Users," you are allowing access to all registered users of BuilderLink. These users must be logged in to view this feature.
    • Public - By setting a section to "Public," you are allowing anyone browsing BuilderLink to view this feature. They do not have to be registered to the system to view a section with this setting.

  • Below the "Access" drop-down menu is the "Write Access" drop-down menu. This option controls who can write and/or edit your page, and can be set to your preference as detailed above.


By checking one or more of the listed categories, you are placing your page in those categories on the BuilderLink website, which can be accessed from the main toolbar.


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